USA Today recommends Anyone But You, calling it “Heartbreakingly Lovely.”

Amy and Kim on CBS Los Angeles (KCAL) on Shakespeare’s birthday talking about the Twisted Lit series

Exposure and Tempestuous are featured in this Publishers Weekly article profiling Editor-in-Chief Jackie Mitchard and praising her imprint, Merit. 

“Death, betrayal, ruthless plots to seize the “crown"—all the seeds of stage tragedy take root and flourish in this clever modern-day homage to Macbeth.” —Kirkus Reviews

Tempestuous is recommended in USA Today’s Happy Ever After column: “Tempestuous is a fun modern fairy tale, a bit a la Mean Girls, and completely YA voiced.” 

The Twisted Lit series, along with authors Kim and Amy, is featured in the article “The Bard Is Back.”  

"It’s the best new young adult series of the year!” —Jack and Jill Magazine

“Irresistible debut novel. We can assure you reading the surprising adventures of their richly drawn heroines, Miranda Prospero and Skye Kingston, in the Twisted Lit series is nothing short of thrilling.” —Children’s Book Review

Amy and Kim’s Shakespeare-inspired series is featured in the Huffington Post article “Shakespeare Is Hot Again.” 

Huffington Post interviews Kim and Amy about the Twisted Lit series

“An exciting adventure…and a dangerous mystery. The characters in Tempestuous are relatable and the reader can easily become attached to them, thanks to the comedy and coming-of-age tone that the authors provide. Fun and light… Askew and Helmes take a classic comedy and successfully translate it to a younger and more modern audience.” —

Kim is profiled in “Revisiting the classics,” an article in CSUF’s The Collegian.